FMT för Ulcerös Kolit? Framgångshistoria av Don Makowski

Don Makowski med sin fru.
Don Makowski med sin fru.
Fekal transplantation för ulcerös kolit, candida, och ibs.
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1) Introduktion

Processen bakom FMT eller fekal transplantation.

Då mina inlägg på denna blogg om FMT varit väldigt populära — så ska jag fortsätta skriva om det ämnet.

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Detta inlägg är en personlig historia av Don Makowski — som ”botat” sin ulcerösa kolit med just FMT behandling.

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2) Don Makowski

När jag skrev ett inlägg på Facebook där jag frågade efter personliga erfarenheter, så svarade Don. Han skickade sen sin historia till mig via email.

Don Makowski (FB länk) hade en mycket besvärlig ulcerös kolit som han botade med 10 fekala transplantationer som han gjorde själv i hemmet med sin kärnfriska frus avföring.

Här är hans historia.

My name is Don Makowski and I suffered from Ulcerative Colitis/Crohns for nearly 10 years. My involvement in FMT sites and anything UC related is very low these days.

I comment from time to time but really have nothing to do with it since I cured myself. I wrote a book describing my entire journey which started at age 50 and lasted until I was 60. It wasn’t a fun time, but I continue to do what I can to help others.

My main message to those suffering is that this is a condition and not a disease. A condition can be cured where many times a disease cannot or at least that is the mindset. I never tried to sell my book or promote it.

I never wanted to be seen as someone trying to make money from sickness. I have seen a lot of that, and it disgusts me. I have encountered much suspicion about that — but all I can say is that through all my suffering maybe I can help others to avoid it, or to cure themselves, like I did, so that they can get back to living.

I am now close to my 66th birthday and my health has never been better. I am not on any medication or diet. I do take good care of myself and quit drinking alcohol at the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak.

I have been an alcoholic for most of my life and attribute stopping to a side effect of the FMT. My donations came from my wife who has never been much of a drinker.

I did 10 fecal transplants for 10 consecutive days in the evening before bed. At that time, I was on high dose prednisolone (60 mg/day) in order to calm the inflammation and stop the bleeding. I tried to get a GI doctor to help me, but I could not find one who was willing or able to.

1) I mixed the fecal matter with purified water and psyllium fiber before injecting using a turkey baster.

2) I would try to get 3 basterfulls into myself and then go directly to bed. The fiber would thicken the material and also allow the bacteria to feed, and I believe that made a huge difference.

3) Even though I was still having diarrhea at that time I was able to hold the transplant all night.

After the 10 days I still was not convinced that it worked. I was hoping for quick results but that just does not happen. It took a long time to get that sick and it was going to take a long time to heal.

Over the course of the next year I noticed a gradual change in my system. I was having less diarrhea and much less pain. After 2 years I was completely healed inside and was healing from the trauma.

The trauma I am referring to is the fear associated with having to go to the bathroom when no bathroom was available. That took a couple more years but I was able to get over that simply because I did not have the emergencies any more.

In closing I want to offer my book for free to anyone who wants to read my story. It is called The Doctor Said What? One Man’s Victory Over Ulcerative Colitis.

Send me a request at and I will send a PDF. The book is also available through Booklocker and on Amazon or even E-Bay. I do not get any money from these sales.

Thank you Theo for the opportunity to share my story!

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3) Min Kommentar

Don Makowski blandade FMT materialet med vatten och psylliumfiber innan han förde in det via en lavemangsspruta (bild nedanför).

Tre omgångar! Varje kväll! Detta kan vara lösningen på hur man ska få människor med grov diarrhé att behålla lösningen.

Lavemangsspruta för FMT eller fekal transplantation.

Här är hans FB konto, han sa att jag skulle länka till det och att människor gärna fick skriva till honom.

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4) FMT Coaching

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5) Email Lista

Nytt email.

Yes! Du är nu med på listan!

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6) Interna Länkar

Interna länkar.

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